T-Minus 39 Years (1974 Canada VW Van Roadtrip)

This post continues a kind of pre-history countdown to our cross-country road trip, set to start Sept 2, 2013.  The first post, T-minus 50 years, tells of my first affection for the idea as a kid, and subsequent posts will note mileposts until we reach present time.  We’ll then blog into and through the trip as it happens.  (See pages about the dream and the trip details, linked above).  This post moves closer, to the first big shared road trip for us as newlywed road warriors.

Road trips are awesome.  And even more so if you are married to someone who also loves to see life at 65 mph on a road in another place, maybe to watch the sun drop behind a westerly range, and then to scope out a great campsite, hear the quiet, see the Milky Way,130604016a and get into your zip-together sleeping bags.

Nancy and I both grew up with road trips and camping.  We even honeymooned with a road trip (a ski trip, not camping) from So Cal to Tahoe.  The first big summertime trip, the kind that takes us camp to camp, state to state–the kind with a carload of stuff, a mug full of coffee, and a pre-Pandora-days spin-the-radio-tuning-dial in search of good music–that for us was June 1974.

130604010With a borrowed VW van (thanks, Terry Lindvall), we barrel our way through Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, barely make it over a ridge to Bear Lake, on to the Tetons, Yellowstone, Banff, Jasper, Seattle and home to Costa Mesa.  A lot for two weeks.

We love to see stuff:  Little cafes, campgrounds, brown signs and visitorcenters.  National Park movies, trails, huge thunderheads that Californians never see, ranger talks, state borders, gigantic skies. It’s just that it’s different, it’s not here.  It’s there, somewhere we have not been before.

Other trips would intervene in the following 39 years; none was yet coast-to-coast, but each provided a foretaste.  We had plenty of backpacking adventures, even a couple overseas trips and 3 cruises.  And we had a couple careers and three kids (who also grew to appreciate travel adventures of different sorts).  But the cross-country by car adventure would wait until 2013.

Enjoy some other pics from the 74 trip:

130604014130604008 130604009 130604012 130604025 130604028 130604004 130604005   130604021 130604023130604029 130604024 130604035


About Cal Stevens

Learning professional, a training manager, speaker, writer; two careers in helping others succeed. Travel writer for the common road trip.
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2 Responses to T-Minus 39 Years (1974 Canada VW Van Roadtrip)

  1. Great story and the photo’s are awesome! Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi, thanks for the kind words on my post. I’m a relatively inexperienced blogger but would love any tips you have about how to get mine read. I notice that you have received some notice from Alberta travel organizations! I’ll spend some time on your blog to learn how it’s done! The blog you read is second in a series and I intend to walk my readers to the present day and then on with me as I go into this Fall’s cross-country road trip. Thanks again! –Cal Stevens

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