Crossing Paths

Thanks, both of you, for adding so much to our time in Niagara. ‘Twas a great evening indeed!

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Back in July, I stumbled upon a blogger who startled me by having the following things in common with me:

  • Sabbatical for fall, 2013
  • Planning on traveling for part of his Sabbatical
  • Planning to blog about his Sabbatical travels
  • Has the same model popup camper as we do
  • Met his spouse about the same time period (early 1970’s)

His Sabbatical trip was to be a cross-country road trip, from California to Maine (northern route) and back (southern route). I noticed that his planned route took him through New York State in early September. What could I do but get in touch with him and suggest that we try to have our paths cross? This weekend that happened! We met up with Cal and Nancy in Four Mile Creek State Campground, just north of Niagara Falls.


In one of our early correspondences, Cal noticed that my signature line included a quoted…

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About Cal Stevens

Learning professional, a training manager, speaker, writer; two careers in helping others succeed. Travel writer for the common road trip.
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