About Cal, Nancy and The Dream

My name is Calvin Stevens.  I learned to love road trips early on, from the earliest family vacations with Mom and Dad’s station wagon and travel trailer to more recent trips camping around the western US.   At age 12 or thereabouts I began to dream of crossing the country by car, marking maps with the routes, writing to the tourist bureaus of the states for brochures.


50 years later the dream will be realized.  In the late Summer / early Fall of 2013 we will go ocean-to-ocean, covering 8500 miles over 49 days, camping and hoteling, talking and listening, absorbing and thinking, seeing the breadth and variety of the US.

This is the story of that trip, blogging a record of its planning and from the road as it happens.  For those few who want to track it with us, or have a nerdy curiosity about the whole undertaking (maybe you marked up maps as a kid as well!), this blog is the place.

Some personal background things may not matter much here.  After all, we look forward to just taking this all in, and it matters little whether we have degrees or have accomplished other things.  The main thing in this blog is my hope to tell a story well, to have you as a reader experience a part of this with us.  But it’s a part of our story I suppose, and the accidental reader might at least be curious.

So OK.

I am a native Californian.  My bride Nancy joins me in this adventure, also a CA native.  We both grew up in Southern California and both loved family vacations (particularly camping).  We have three grown kiddos, some of whom might join us for parts of the trip.  I work at Intel Corp, managing an IT Training team.  The company provides a sabbatical benefit which I am using to fulfill this dream (thank you, Intel).

We are suburban kids, college educated.  I have had two careers.  I am energized by the process of learning, and have enjoyed providing for that in others and organizations.  My Masters degrees are in Theology and Business.  We have lived in CA, CO and AZ.  Current home is in Roseville, CA.  We’ve been married 41 years, and I’ll be 63 when the trip begins.  No grandchildren yet.

You are invited, to whatever extent you are interested, to follow the plan from its inception 50 years ago to its realization in 2013.  Early blogs will chronicle the past, the plan up to the moment, and then some periodic posts as the plan matures over the first part of this year.  Then the trip itself, of course, with some brief observations going east and back again.

Other pages describe trip plan details and facts–perhaps the model we’ve created is a repeatable one for you.  Based on some life lessons about trying to build too much into a plan.  Of course, whether some of those designs were good ideas or not will be proved (or not) as we experience them.

The trip begins officially with just a one-day pre-trip to the Pacific, one of our regular camping weekends during the summer.  That will allow us to touch the western shore and begin counting the miles.  That day, July 31, we return home for about another month and then start the main trip, all 49 days, starting September 2.  Look to other pages here for plan details.

Travel with us.



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